The Best Geothermal Alternative

Latent capable thermal batteries are the best alternative to conventional geothermal applications.

The advantage a Thermal Battery System has over conventional geothermal systems is immense.  Not only do conventional geothermal systems require extensive excavation and/or drilling they lack the ability to do anything about the variable environmental conditions and limits it’s heat source to the ground only.  Thermal Battery Systems is the best geothermal alternative because it can stabilize environmental conditions and uses several source of heat.

If moving heat is the game, Thermal Battery Systems wins. Every. Single. Time.

At Thermal Battery Systems, Inc. we chose to think of geothermal heat pumps as water source heat pumps. Viewing a GSHP as a WSHP opens up many possibilities in system design. Now several sources of heat; geothermal, solar thermal collectors, waste water, bio-mass boilers can be used; in combination with a Thermal Battery, to deliver the most efficient heat possible.  A properly designed Thermal Battery System can easily achieve energy independence.

A Thermal Battery is able to meet the time direct extraction of the heat pump but it is not the source of energy. The source energy elements are sized based on cumulative loads that the system will experience.

This difference allows the system designer to adjust the design between most economical or most operationally efficient according to the homeowner’s wishes. If the homeowner wants the system to achieve higher efficiencies than a conventional geothermal system the design may include a full size geothermal loop and a solar thermal component. Homeowners just need to keep ind mind that having a homeowners insurance and home warranty for this type of system is essential. Visit and get more information. 

Another distinction is a Thermal Battery System allows the system designer to consider the conditions of the region when selecting and sourcing energy components. For example, a home with a 4 Ton heat pump in New Mexico has entirely different energy sources and loads then a same sized home in North Dakota. Conventional geothermal approaches would implement the same type of earth loop for both locations and simultaneously miss opportunities for more efficient renewable energy.

A Thermal Battery System is the key to being able to gather site-derived energy when it is available and storing it until it is needed.

Combine geothermal and solar in one.

A Thermal Battery System provides the ideal conditions for solar collectors to deliver heat. This allows for increased system performance, decreased loop costs, and much higher ROI on solar collectors.

Freedom in system design.

A Thermal Battery does not discriminate between different sources of heat. The battery will accept heat from any source at the time it is available and reject heat when it is abundant. This allows the system designer to think outside the box and consider multiple energy elements.

Reduce imported energy.  Reduces dependency on imported energy and fossil fuels by site-deriving several natural energy sources. Net-zero and off-grid compatible.

Less invasive.  Provides a less invasive option than conventionally size earth loops.

Stabilize heating costs.