About Thermal Battery Systems

What comes to mind when you think about heating your home?  Does an image of burning a fuel source such as wood, coal, oil, propane, or natural gas enter your mind? Perhaps you are reminded of being overwhelmed while opening an outrageous and unpredictable utility bill. Or, you might consider the implications that your energy usage has on the environment.

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Propane and oil tanks need to be filled, natural gas is piped into our homes, wood is harvested from local forests—these fuels are not usually accessible from our homes without importing them. We pay for the delivering of these fuels as well as being subjected to volatile market prices. What if there was a more efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly option to heating our homes?

The answer is site-derived renewable energy.

Site-derived energy utilizes the natural energy around your home and does not need to be imported. The sun, the earth, and the atmosphere in conjunction with a latent-capable thermal battery deliver reliable, sustainable energy.

A Thermal Battery System is an innovative renewable energy mechanical system for homes.  By combining solar thermal collectors, a water source heat pump, and a  latent-capable Thermal Battery, site-derived renewable energy can heat and cool your home.

The magic of a latent-capable Thermal Battery.

A Thermal Battery is a poly cistern tank with an internal heat exchanger that is filled with the phase change material of water. This car-sized tank is buried in the earth outside a home and readily collects and stores energy from the earth, solar thermal collectors, and other sources that have been integrated with the system. A water source heat pump absorbs the heat from the Thermal Battery and delivers it to the home.

Not only is water readily available and economical, when it starts to change phases (turn to ice) it creates latent heat of fusion. Every pound of water inside the Thermal Battery is 143 times more capable of thermal energy storage when it has reached near freezing temperatures. A 2500 gallons Thermal Battery has the thermal capacity of 357,500 gallons!

The water in the Thermal Battery also helps it resist becoming fully depleted. The temperature of the Thermal Battery will drop steadily as it enters the heating season until it drops down to freezing, then the temperature levels out at 32°F. The heat pump continues to pull BTU’s from the Thermal Battery but it never turns to solid ice. Keep in mind that there is significant thermal energy in temperatures as low as 32°F.

Essentially, a Thermal Battery collects and stores energy and provides a stabilizer during the highs and lows of a heating season.

Innovative designs, natural benefits.

Environmentally friendly and economical. As we become more energy-conscious, homeowners and builders are searching for new renewable energy options that save on heating costs. A multiple source hybrid mechanical system such as a Thermal Battery System economically combines natural energy that can reduce carbon emissions.

Independence from fossil fuels and imported energy. Reduce fossil fuel and imported energy usage by site-deriving energy with a Thermal Battery System. System designs are net-zero compatible, meaning the total amount of energy used by the home on an annual basis is roughly equal to the amount of renewable energy created on the site.

Maximize solar investment. A Thermal Battery System greatly improves the capacity of solar collectors allowing maximum efficiency.

An alternative to geothermal systems. Thermal Battery System provides a less invasive option than conventionally sized earth loops.