Room at the table? Whose table?

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As I’ve said before, I get the same arguments over and over again from the two main industries that have established positions that we deviate from. The geo industry acts as the arbiters of how water source heat pumps are applied and the solar thermal industry acts as arbiters of how solar thermal collectors are applied. There is no shortage of furrowed brows when thermal battery applications are being discussed. In essence, each one wants us to justify our seat at their table.

I am not playing that game. I don’t feel any need to justify our applications in their existing contexts. We are defining a new context. The new context is source energy management. In this new context, the old applications are obsolete. The context is not a GSHP plus a solar thermal system. The existing industry experts are not capable of rendering a verdict on thermal battery based source energy management systems. They’ve never experienced them.

I will not use a single source system frame of reference in a defense of a multi-source system. It makes no sense. Take the “Solar Thermal is Dead” article in Green Building Advisor as an example. Since the context of that article is based on the current solar thermal industries applications I can’t find all that much to disagree with. Change the application and the conclusion would be entirely different. However make the application look like advocating adding the current context “geothermal” heat pumps to current context solar “hot water” and that sounds like an expensive and complex system with merit that is marginal at best. Good thing that is not what we’re talking about.

Context is everything. The table we are already sitting at is called source energy management. If the other trades would like to come join us we’d be happy to have em.

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