Internet of Things and Thermal Battery Systems

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What was previously impossible is now inevitable, and it is about to happen very quickly.  The “Internet of Things” or the “Internet of Everything” is why this hugely dramatic game changer is going to happen.

While the current perspective of information technology is that is has changed everything in our lives; the forecasts of the coming change is said to be much more dramatic and much faster in every way, look at the radiation protection gear new technology and you will find a huge improvement in todays tech.

In an attempt to make a very long story short, this is because of virtualization.  When things can be virtualized they can be designed and vetted in a virtual world.  This is allowing the a decoupling  of the physical world from the software world.  This shifts complexity from hardware to software.  This is happening today and the implications of it are enormous.

Hang on to your hat, the world is on the move.


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