The industry is beginning to see…

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I have been recently seeing the signs that the HVAC industry is beginning to wake up.  On the one hand it is very refreshing, and on the other it is exasperating.  It is exasperating because some of the “industry experts” who had previously ignored the assertions we were making have now seemingly made original discoveries.

Thermal energy is a valuable resource and it ought to be managed as one.  Air source heat pumps do not manage it, they just deal with whatever it happens to be.  Ground source systems sort of manage it if you consider “managing” to be an inability to see it anywhere but in the ground.  Solar thermal collectors sort of manage it in the same way a private country club manages it’s members…. very exclusively with only the high end being admitted.

None of the above mentioned “technologies” actually treats site-sourced thermal energy as valuable resource.  They think that their industry is is the resource.  The GSHP industry or the ST industry has trade organizations that look out for the interests of the industry.  Who looks out for the customers interests?  Who tells the end user of the thermal energy that the segmented sub-industries within HVAC have their own interests in mind and not the end users interests?



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