Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you do?

We develop technology used in Site-Sourced Thermal Energy Management (SSTEM) applications.

Is a “thermal battery” a type of geoexchange?

 Yes and no.  The conventional geoexchange industry has developed design and installation standards for the earth loop construction that is based on “single source” operation.  In other words the conventional systems are designed so that the earth and the earth alone is able to meet all the thermal requirements of the systems.  Thermal battery based systems are “multi-source” with the battery serving as an intermediate thermal storage and exchange element.

Is a thermal battery system better than a conventional Geo-exchange system?

Yes because Geo-exchange competes along side other on-site thermal energy exchange elements in our system simulations and designs.  These simulations help us define the most effective configuration of thermal energy elements for optimum system performance in the exact region where it will live.

What are “on-site thermal energy exchange elements”?

Solar collectors, fluid coolers, geo-exchange loops, building integrated solar roofing systems, waste heat recovery from grey water systems, swimming pools, greenhouses, radiant floors, etc.

Is the “thermal battery” a proprietary product?

It can be or it can be achieved by putting heat exchangers in tanks of water.  We develop applications that use commonly available cistern tanks as the thermal batteries.  Other companies have proprietary products that fit the general “thermal battery” description.

What do you sell?

Nothing at the moment.



How can I find out more?

Email: [email protected]