Ennis, Montana

Ennis Thermal Battery System
Several renewable heating system options were proposed to the homeowner of this 4500 square feet custom home in Ennis, Montana.  After considering all options–including conventional closed loop vertical geothermal–and relevant cost and performance factors, the owner chose this hybrid system.

We were excited to work with Wayne Baker of Baker Light Industries to offer an alternative to conventional geothermal.

During construction of the home the first attempt to drill a domestic water well was unsuccessful.  We were quick to alert the general contractor, Wikkup Builders, that we could use that borehole for the Thermal Battery System and no further drilling would be needed for the mechanical system.  This allowed the homeowner to save on drilling expense that would have been wasted in most other circumstances.

Ennis, MT TBS Configuration

The borehole is 340′ in depth.  The top 100′ is dry sand and the bottom 240′ is dry granite.  The loop is 1″ HDPE.

Two Geo Pods–1150 gallon poly cisterns with a single HyperLoop heat exchanger–are acting as the thermal batteries.  They are piped in parallel and are in the same circuit as the heat pump.  This allows the batteries to provide the conductive stability to the heat pump when it operates.  The batteries are insulated on the top only.

The entire system is being controlled with a monitoring and data-logging all-in-one system from ezeSystems.  This web connected system allows us to control and monitor every detail of system performance.  It is currently logging every BTU, every KWH that the system is using.  From this extensive data, we are able to document the power that a latent capable thermal battery offers.

In early June 2014 the system began routing the daily solar energy down the 340′ borehole.  According to data, the borehole has been raised from approximately 48°F to 62°F.

Ennis Mech Room2

Ennis TBS Mech Room

System Details

Solar array:  Four 4’x10′ Solar Skies flat plate collectors.  Roof mounted, drain back system.

Heat pump:  Four ton water to water GoeComfort

Transfer Tank:  40 Gallon Boiler Buddy

Buffer Tank:  40 Gallon Boiler Buddy with Boiler Cover

Thermal Batteries:  Two Ace Rotomold 1150 gallon poly cistern with internal HyperLoop.

Controls, monitoring, data-logging:  ezeSystem network package provide and supported by Thermal Battery Systems, Inc.

Mechanical contractor:  Baker Light Industries

General contractor:  Wikkup Builders